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Game On: Using Computer Games to Captivate Your Class

A great article in the Guardian by Ollie Bray about the benefits gaming brings to education:


Futurelab Research

Games-Based Learning Experiences: Testing the principles with teachers and students

 This paper outlines the findings from three workshops with teachers and students in which they:

Give feedback on the relative importance of key learning elements identified in digital games

Explore how these elements could be used to support the creation of games-based learning experiences in formal education settings.

Download the report.

Mario Kart cross curricular planning (Y4)

Emma Dawson (@squiggle7), a Year 4 teacher from Northamptonshire who is a fellow tweeter has very kindly agreed for her cross curricular planning using the Mario Kart game to be included in our blog (see above tab) – fantastic, thank you!  Emma gives regular presentations around the country on a variety of subjects.  Follow what she is up to on her blog by clicking here.

ICT to Inspire

Inspiration for the original Wiltshire Playing the Writing Game project came from the magnificient Tim Rylands. His website and blog are filled with great ideas, resources  and support for using ICT and games in the classroom. Well worth a read!

Hong Kong Digital GBL Resources

A range of links to free online games to use with a class here:


Welcome to Games Based Learning South West. If you are teaching in the South West of England and interested in finding out more or getting involved then please register at: