Endless Oceans

Endless Oceans

Game overview: Another immersive environment, but this time an underwater one.  The controls allows you to take the guise of a scuba diver off the coast of the fictitious island of Manoa Lai.  You begin by exploring a few shallow reef areas where you learn the game’s simple controls.   By pointing the Wii  remote at the screen and press you begin to swim. When you see a fish or other sea creature, you can focus your attention on it and then learn about it by tapping, petting, or feeding it. Once you see the creature sparkle, you’ll instantly know what type of animal it is, as well as a few basic facts. There are several hundred types of fish and sea animals in the game, so this task alone will keep you plenty busy.  There are a variety of locations to explore at both day and night to see such creatures as whales, seals, penguins to name a few. As with other games of this type, completing or winning the game is not the point of using it in the classroom. Experiencing ocean life, exploring ruins hidden under water for centuries and travelling to the depths of a deep abyss are mesmerizing.

Sheffield West City for Learning have some excellent resources to accompany this game.   Click here for more information.

Resources include endless ocean planning, creating a diving record in Excel, making a diving log, writing an advert script and a simple writing frame.

Tom Barratt’s  ( a luminary in the word of GBL) blog has lots of great ideas to incorporate too.  Here are some direct links:



Su Harris a L&T consultant from Suffolk, has also ran an excellent project among local schools and her blog contains more super ideas and links.


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