Mario Kart

Game overview: Mario Kart game is where all the characters from the popular Mario universe duke it out on several race tracks. The game is also famous for powerup fighting, as the titles each have a plethora of useful items that can be used to trip up the competition, shrink other racers or give yourself a speed boost. The games are also known for their party style, where up to four players can race at once. Mario Kart Wii takes that party style to a whole new level. Now up to 12 players at once can play over Nintendo Wi-fi connection. There are now 5 different methods to control your racer. And, after a long time, people are flocking to stores at midnight to catch the first titles. (taken from

Planning for Y4 Imaginary Worlds Unit can be found here: –  Planning Imaginary

Wild Worlds and Wacky Races planning:-   Plan

Persuasive unit:-   Advertising planning

Links to blog posts and websites of interest:

Ideas for a Mario Karts writing unit:


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