Night at the Museum (Wii)

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A fantastic game to fulfil the non-fiction requirement from the Primary Framework for Literacy.   Cross curricular links can also be made through this game, see below for some ideas (this is by no means an exhaustive list):


  • non-chronological reports (tour guides for the museum)
  • persuasive posters (compare museum posters and identify key features to persuade visitors)
  • job-descriptions for Larry (skills and qualities required for a night watchman)
  • recounts (describe what it feels like to spend a night in a museum that comes to life!)
  • instructions (how to use the wii controls to navigate the game – perhaps for a younger audience)
  • fact files (to accompany the audiotours or on the historical characters in the game)
  • film review of the actual film
  • interviews with famous historical characters/greenscreening
  • videomercials advertising the film/museum
  • narration over film trailers
  • film narrative unit
  • portraits (of historical characters from the game)
  • mudroc model of Akmenrah’s Tablet
  • posters advertising the museum
  • Egyptian art
  • Chronology (place historical characters on timeline)
  • History of aircraft (Amelia Earhart)
  • create a score for an exciting part of the game
  • soundscape
  • co-ordinates/routes around museum
  • plan a grand re-opening (costing exercise using spreadsheets)
Examples of (Y5) planning –  GBL Non-fiction unit N at the M

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