Epic Citadel – app to enhance T&L

If you want an app that will transport you to a medieval world to explore and discover then this may be the one.  Available on iPad and iPhone – this truly immersive (free) app is a fantastic journey of discovery.  Click on the tab above to find ways of using it in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning.


Playing the Writing Game

For those who are interested, I’ve uploaded the presentation I gave last week at the SWGfL ICT conference at UWE.  Hope it’s of some use, if you need any further information then either tweet me @nickynewbury  or email me using the address in the presentation.

Playing the Writing Game UWE 2011 final

Guitar Hero links for planning your GBL unit – can you add to them?

Click the tab above for an array of blog posts and links to excellent plans that will take this game across the curriculum.  It’s truly amazing just how many ideas can come from one single game!  We’re always looking to add more ideas etc, so if you have any or can point us in the right direction then please do ….

Mario Kart cross curricular planning (Y4)

Emma Dawson (@squiggle7), a Year 4 teacher from Northamptonshire who is a fellow tweeter has very kindly agreed for her cross curricular planning using the Mario Kart game to be included in our blog (see above tab) – fantastic, thank you!  Emma gives regular presentations around the country on a variety of subjects.  Follow what she is up to on her blog by clicking here.

NEW! – WSLR multimedia boxes for loan!

Wiltshire and Swindon Learning Resources (WSLR) were invited to the final presentations of the teachers who were involved in Playing the Writing Game project ran by ICT and Literacy advisors to the county.  The huge success of this project together with talks with Simon Watkins (Wiltshire ICT advisor) and myself has helped them to create a multimedia box called Safari, which contains planning ideas, props (pith helmet, camouflage net, torch, maps), music, CD of printables, IWB resources and an immersive game for the pc.  This we hope is to be the first of many such boxes which provide a starting point for teachers to use their own creativity to inspire and engage learners through  games based learning.

My Word Coach (Wii)

Need a game that you can use in Guided Reading or Guided Writing sessions?  Then look no further than this one – click tab above for more information.


Endless Oceans (Wii)

Click the tab above to find more exciting links and ideas to use this game in the classroom.  Again it can be completely cross curricular and after speaking to a few teachers who have used it, the experience it provides is completely mesmerising for children and adults alike!

Photos courtesy of gamespot.com

GBL Guide for teachers

Bethany Windsor from Werrington School has very kindly given permission for us to include her excellent guide for teachers.  It gives ideas for each year group of many different games and consoles together with signposting to other blogs and sites for even more ideas to pull from.  Thank you Bethany !

GBL Guide for Teachers

Ideas for cross curricular links

Click on either of the tabs for ideas how to incorporate the Wii games Wild Earth African Safari or Night at the Museum into your planning.  (Also,  ideas for Year 5 are to follow…)

ICT to Inspire

Inspiration for the original Wiltshire Playing the Writing Game project came from the magnificient Tim Rylands. His website and blog are filled with great ideas, resources  and support for using ICT and games in the classroom. Well worth a read!