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Another Code: R – do you have anything to add?

I heard about this game through the excellent work of Dawn Hallybone as she used it to fulfil the ‘Stories with flashbacks’ unit from the National Strategy.  Suffolk Wii Project has also produced some great feedback as well.  Have any of you used this game?  What did you use it to go alongside with?  How did you get on?  Do you have any planning that would get others started that I could include on this blog?


NEW! – WSLR multimedia boxes for loan!

Wiltshire and Swindon Learning Resources (WSLR) were invited to the final presentations of the teachers who were involved in Playing the Writing Game project ran by ICT and Literacy advisors to the county.  The huge success of this project together with talks with Simon Watkins (Wiltshire ICT advisor) and myself has helped them to create a multimedia box called Safari, which contains planning ideas, props (pith helmet, camouflage net, torch, maps), music, CD of printables, IWB resources and an immersive game for the pc.  This we hope is to be the first of many such boxes which provide a starting point for teachers to use their own creativity to inspire and engage learners through  games based learning.