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WiiMaths #gbl project from Australia

Whilst looking through recent tweets, I came across an interesting one from @OhLottie with a link to WiiMaths.  Never one to miss an opportunity,  clicked and found this excellent project in Victoria,Australia using the Wii for maths.  The activities centre around Wii Fishing, bowling, swimming, golf and investigating angles.  Some ideas for questions are given and print outs available – definitely worth a look!


Wii Music #gbl plans and links

How about trying something musical on the Wii? Click on the tab above for some ideas. Could you add any more to the list?

More ideas for writing a Mario Karts unit added..

Stumbled across this unit for writing using Mario Karts, some interesting ideas…worth a look. Click on the tab above and scroll down.

Another Code: R – do you have anything to add?

I heard about this game through the excellent work of Dawn Hallybone as she used it to fulfil the ‘Stories with flashbacks’ unit from the National Strategy.  Suffolk Wii Project has also produced some great feedback as well.  Have any of you used this game?  What did you use it to go alongside with?  How did you get on?  Do you have any planning that would get others started that I could include on this blog?

Playing the Writing Game

For those who are interested, I’ve uploaded the presentation I gave last week at the SWGfL ICT conference at UWE.  Hope it’s of some use, if you need any further information then either tweet me @nickynewbury  or email me using the address in the presentation.

Playing the Writing Game UWE 2011 final

Endless Oceans (Wii)

Click the tab above to find more exciting links and ideas to use this game in the classroom.  Again it can be completely cross curricular and after speaking to a few teachers who have used it, the experience it provides is completely mesmerising for children and adults alike!

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GBL Guide for teachers

Bethany Windsor from Werrington School has very kindly given permission for us to include her excellent guide for teachers.  It gives ideas for each year group of many different games and consoles together with signposting to other blogs and sites for even more ideas to pull from.  Thank you Bethany !

GBL Guide for Teachers